Integrating Augmented Intelligence into Your Products

The systems in your organization probably run well without any problems. However, without knowing it, they might cost you a few million or even more per year. You employees can experience difficulties using your current systems because most of the systems today were built many years ago with old technologies.  It is time for you to think about upgrade your systems with smart technologies, especially Augmented Intelligence.

As the picture on the left shows to us, AI can reduce costs, improve quality, gain insights and drive revenue.  in 2009, we were hired by UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital to look into their patient referral systems. The EMR system, even though at over 100 millions investment, is very hard to use and uses very old technologies from last century.  We basically applied our Augmented Intelligence technologies to create a very smart Referral Management Online system, which wowed all of the executives, doctors and patients! As you can see the change from traditional technologies to Augmented Intelligence technologies makes a day night different. Due to the upgrade, the new system not only saves millions for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital , but more importantly, saves million million of papers used daily by the old systems. Even the best the new system based on our Augmented Intelligence makes the UI so easy to follow and interact with, every user smiles!  Another huge aspect of the new system is the big data analytics, which can generate customizable reports at blink of seconds, compared to weeks even months using the old systems.

If your organization needs upgrade your system, please do not forget to contact us. We will go through with you how we can help you using our Augmented Intelligence technologies.

Our Augmented Intelligence technologies can be applied in the following industries:


  • Healthcare
  • Finance & Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Autonomous driving
  • Communications
  • Chip design
  • IoT
  • Commerce
  • ERP and SaaS systems

Please email or call us to find out how we can empower you with our cutting-edge Augmented Intelligence technologies!